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Our hatching season begins in March and extends into the summer until all our orders are filled.  We do our best to have your orders ready during your preferred time and we appreciate your patience when we are not perfectly organized during the busy season.

Chicks are started on organic feed so they can easily enter into organic grow outs and CSA’s.

As the season progresses we usually have started and mature birds suitable for breeding stock, APA quality show birds, small layer flocks and the odd pet chicken.

Live birds are only available for pick up as we can not ship live birds.  Our farm is located near Kincardine Ontario, just off the shore of Lake Huron.

Standard White Chantecler Chicks $6.50 Each          Order Form  chicks-3-for-web

** Chanteclers are sold as a full hatch tray, (36-40 chicks)

These chicks are selected from two distinct lines to allow for the greatest amount of genetic diversity in each hatch.  When you purchase a full tray you will be bringing home the minimum number required to allow for some culling in your adult birds and still maintain enough for your home flock.  Purchasing these birds is an investment in a rare breed, of top quality stock and we want to ensure that each group is off to a great start.

Beltsville Small White Turkey Poults $12 Each      Order Form

**Maximum of 10 per order

We have  a small flock of Beltsville Small White Turkeys descended from the Guelph line.  We maintain a large enough flock to grow out these fantastic birds for Christmas and to provide poults for people who would like their own family flock.  If you are looking to invest in a larger breeding flock we recommend you purchase from our partner at Cirrus Hill Farm.  They can provide you with a larger number of pedigreed poults.

Mature  and Started Birds      Contact Us

If you are interested in mature or started birds for

  • Breeders
  • APA quality exhibition birds
  • Backyard flocks
  • Pet chickens

We usually have some available later int the season.  Please contact us and we will do our best to find the right Chanty for you!

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