Partnering for the Future

Spring is always an exciting time filled with fresh starts and signs of new growth.  For those of us working with heritage poultry the season is especially magical.  Each egg that shows signs of life marks the next generation of rare birds.  From the moment they hatch we will be…

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Farm Perspective

One of the greatest things about running this company is the opportunity to meet people who share my passion for sustainable food. I’ve met people who are shopping for better options, people who are marketing differently and of course people who are growing food.  Farmers are always fun. They are…

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What’s the Beef? T-bone v.s. Porterhouse


As the weather gets warmer, the idea of heating up the BBQ instead of the kitchen becomes more appealing.  On hot days I will put just about anything on the BBQ.   There are the classics like, burgers and grilled vegetables, but I have roasted chickens and even baked bread. However,…

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