Albrecht’s CSA and Pastured Meats

Albrecht’s Co-operative C.S.A.  and Pastured Meats

 Albrecht’s CSA is taking a year of personal re-growth, look for us next year, better then ever.

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We still have Pastured beef and pork available for a short time.  Contact us to place an order.

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On the Albrecht family farm the green house and hoop house is overflowing with plants and produce.  As a fellow gardener, the quality of their plants leaves me in awe and a little bit jealous.  I know how labour intensive weed and pest control can be when you are growing organically. This young couple is working hard to raise their family and the food they grow in the most responsible way possible.  There are no sprays or chemical fertilizers used on their garden.

Purchasing a C.S.A, (or community supported agriculture,) share is a great way to enjoy the wonderful produce grown close to home.  The C.S.A. model allows you the convenience of weekly vegetables and eggs, if you wish, delivered to a depot in Kincardine or right to you door, (in town only)  For the producer it guarantees a local market and a regular income.

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Contents of a Half share. 1 head lettuce, bunch of Kale, oregano, radishes, beets, bok choy and rhubarb

Vegetable Shares –Shares are delivered weekly from June 3 to October 21.  Each share is designed to feed a family of four for one week.  You can expect bundles of 10 different items each week.  Payment can be made by cheque for the full amount or in two installments.

$675.00 = Full share (21 weeks)

$375 = 1/2 Share (21 weeks)

$120.00 = Whinter Share (4 weeks extra)


Egg Share – 

$73.50 = Full egg share (1 doz eggs weekly)

$38.50 = 1/2 Egg share (1 doz eggs bi-weekly)

Delivery is free to one of two locations-

South Kincardine 609 Lynden Cres

North Kincardine 189 Bruce Rd. 23

$105.00 = Home Delivery (for in town costumers only)


To purchase a share stop by the farm, #312 Concession 5 Kincardine, or contact me with your name, number and what size of share you would like to enjoy. Number are limited to ensure there is plenty for everyone!

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