Kinloss Produce


It may be a little off the beaten path, but Kinloss Produce is a hidden jem of local produce.  


_AGC1431When you visit the Kinloss Produce store you will always find a friendly family member ready to help you find what you are looking for.  If you don’t see anyone right away it is because they are nearby tending the garden that grows much of the food sold here.  Anything that they do not produce on site is brought in from nearby growers.  This guarantees a full array of seasonal produce and products available every time you visit.

Elmer Brubacher and his family are a strong force in our local food movement.  Elmer was one of the founding board member for the Bruce-Huron Produce Auction.  The auction creates new markets for our local produce, while maintaining a price and quality standard.  _AGC1331

Among the beauty of the flowers, grown by Elmer’s daughter Alice, you will find a few unique items.  Elmer makes his own puffed cereal and they carry free range omega 3 eggs from their farm flock.  The store always has a large selection of locally produced preserves, honey and maple syrup.  Whether you are looking for a enough to eat for the week or a larger quantity for canning and freezing there is always a wide selection of fruits and vegetable.   If its in season you will find it here at a fair price.

The wonderful selection found here makes it well worth the drive!

Store Hours

Open  Monday and Wednesday-Saturday 8am-7pm

Closed  Sunday and Tuesday


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