Local Pork

PLEASE NOTE: WE HAVE HAD TO MAKE SOME TEMPORARY ADJUSTMENTS TO OUR BUSINESS MODEL.  WE hope to have our Local pork available again for spring of 2022

At D&H Newman we are happy to be able to offer local pork.

This pork is grown on a family owned and operated farm.  Multiple generations work together to grow the feed and care for the animals.  Running a successful farm business is no small feat especially in the pork industry. This is an area of agriculture that has faced major challenges in the last generation. Market instability has forced many small and medium sized farms out of business.  This family has shown great dedication to sustaining the land, raising healthy livestock and producing quality meat.

Our local quality pork is raised from a Duroc, Land race cross herd.  The farrow to finish operation utilizes an open pen system for dry and breeding sows.  This allows animals to enjoy freedom of movement throughout the barn.  The new addition of larger farrowing pens also allows sows to have more space to move around while looking after their piglets.  All the feed is grown and mixed on farm, allowing for control over how the land is cared for and the quality of the feed for the herd.     These farmers work hard each day to produce a top quality pork, with continual desire to improve their practices and an investment into greater access to local food.

Bulk Orders, 1/2 and Whole Hog

Our prices include all the costs of making sausage and curing.  Your pork will be prepared just for you and we will help you through all the cutting and wrapping choices.

1/2 pork – $2.8/lb, approximately 75-90 lbs dressed weight.   ($50 deposit required at the time of ordering.)

Whole pork – $2.6/lb, approximately 150-180 lbs dressed weight.  ($100 deposit required at the time of ordering)

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