Tamworth Pastured Pork


I am delighted to be able to offer pork that is not only grown locallymom-and-babes_opt on a small family farm, but also pastured, GMO free, hormone free and a wonderful Heritage breed.

The Tamworth breed is a very old English breed that known as the ‘bacon pig’.  These pigs fell out of favour in the 1960’s because it doesn’t do well in confinement. The very traits that make them ill suited for the large scale pork industry make them perfect for the family farm and the conscientious consumer.   These slower growing animals are great foragers, hardy, disease resistant and they produce a meat that is lean, has a fine texture, with a distinct and succulent flavour.

pork-chopThe flavour is so good that it has been recognized by the Canadian Ark Of Taste as part of the slow food movement.  The Livestock Conservancy has the Tamworth pig on a watch list of heritage breeds.  It is great to be doing our part to conserve this valuable breed.  Check out their site to learn more.

We still have some mixed 10 lb boxes left if you would like to try this pork for the first time.  For a more economical way to take home pork, cut just the way you
like it, our bulk options are the way to go.


Bulk Orders, 1/2 and whole Hog

Currently we are not taking any bulk orders.  Our Tamworth pork farmer has retired and we are looking for another quality supplier of pastured pork.

Our prices include all the costs of making sausage and curing.  Your pork will be prepared just for you and we will help you through all the cutting and wrapping choices.

1/2 pork – $4.45/lb, approximately 75-90 lbs dressed weight, pork-in-a-pan

Whole pork – $4.20/lb, approximately 150-180lbs


Contact Us to place an order.

10lb Mixed Pork Packages      $85

25lb Mixed Pork Box           $195


We have a limited number of free range, Tamworth pork Packages available.

Each package is a little different, but each one will include:

Roasts -smoked, fresh, butt or picnic

1 lb pkgs of Sausage -salt & pepper (gluten free), mild italian (gluten free), honey garlic or garlic

Chops -fresh pork, butterfly or butt chops

Spareribs -while supplies last.

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