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Because two heads are better than one, Two Birds One Stone is the partnership of two small business owners/moms. We believe that local food nourishes our bodies and our communities and we want to share that with you. Our products are designed to bring local flavour into your kitchen with ease. Our main ingredients are grown on D&H Newman’s farm and anything we don’t produce ourselves is sourced as locally as possible.

Read on to learn more about our:

  • Chicken Bone Broth
  • Hot Sauces
  • Seasonings
  • Garlic Scape Pesto, Aioli and Relish

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Two Birds- Heather & Kim

Chicken Bone Broth

Why Bone Broth?

Slow cooked bone broth has been used for centuries across different cultures to improve digestion, reduce inflammation and promote a healthy immune system. 

We slow simmer our own heritage chicken bones to extract minerals and collagen, giving our broth a high nutritional value.

How do I use Bone Broth?


Chicken Bone Broth

Delicious as a “tea,” a base for soup or as a replacement for water when boiling rice & pasta, our bone broth is very versatile.  Especially great if you’re recovering from an illness or fighting a cold. Give it a try!

*Frozen product*


Garlic Scape Pesto & Aioli


Pesto: Use to make your own salad dressing, add to pasta or get any recipe off to a great garlic start. *Frozen product*

Aioli: A creamy garlic dip that goes well with veggies, chips and just about anything else! *Frozen product*

Pickled Garlic

Juniper: Great with a cocktail

Spicy: Just a little heat

Hot Sauces


Hot Sauces

Each hot sauce is a unique recipe, designed for rich flavour to match our heritage pepper heat!

Buckwild Sweet and Sour Hot Sauce (Mild)- Made with Seabuckthorn Berries from the Bruce Botanical Food Gardens. This twist on a traditional sweet and sour sauce will make you happy with it’s intense flavour, mild heat and a donation to the BBFG’s.

Perfectly Pear’d (Mild): Made with Persian basil and local pears, this sauce has a sweet heat with mild herbal flavour.

Roasted (Medium-hot): Roasted tomatoes, heritage hot peppers and garlic blend together in this rich, creamy sauce.

Sugar Rush Peach (Medium-hot): Sugar Rush Peach hot peppers and pure maple syrup give this sauce a whole mouth warming flavour.

Bruce Beach Bonfire (Hot): Our favourite organically home grown hot peppers have been wood smoked in small batches to create this high heat sauce.

Hot Shot (Hot): Liven up your meal with a shake or two of this spicy sauce! Heritage peppers and Canadian whiskey make the perfect pairing.


Garlic Powder: Pure, home grown heritage garlic. You will taste the difference!

Garlic Flavoured Chili Flakes: Heritage garlic and Hungarian Black Hot Peppers are all you need for a dash of mild to medium  garlic heat!

Italian Seasoning: Classic Italian flavours with just a little heat. Made with home grown garlic scapes, oregano, basil & rosemary.

Smoky Maple Rub: Garlic scapes blend with smoked paprika and pure maple sugar

Bruschetta Mix: Perfect for an easy appetizer.  Recipe included.

Garlic Scape Salt: Pink Himalayan Salt and Garlic Scapes.

Basil Blend Salt: A unique blend of organically grown basil varieties and salt. This blend is so versatile in the kitchen you will be putting it on everything.

Poultry Seasoning: A blend of traditional herbs with sage overtones.

Popcorn Seasoning: A punchy blend of lemon and lime basil, heritage garlic and pink salt

Sumac Salt: We just can’t get enough of this rosy red berry. Adding a sprinkle to your recipes brings a burst of citrusy flavour, and it’s especially fun on popcorn!

Za’atar: A popular spice in the Middle East, made with foraged sumac, toasted sesame seeds and organically grown oregano. Excellent as a rub for meat, stirred into yogurt for a dip or mixed with oil for an easy veggie marinade.

Lavender Calendula Sugar: A beautiful fragrance and a light lavender flavour, with a hint of saffron colour from the calendula petals. Add it to your afternoon tea, a glass of lemonade, or rim a cocktail glass for your next fancy libation! Sprinkle it on your oatmeal, or shake some on top of freshly baked shortbread cookies for a beautiful scent and taste of summer.


Garlic Scape Relish: A traditional Hot Dog Relish made with Garlic Scapes instead of cucumbers.

Green Goddess Relish: A savoury zucchini relish with fresh herbs and sweet candy onions.

Where can you find us?

Kincardine: Fine Fettle, BeefwayHive and Hoe.

Ripley: Ripley Variety.

Goderich: Well in Hand, The Maitland Market and Supply.

Bayfield: The Gravy Boat.

We are always looking for local great partners.  Please reach out if you think Two Birds One Stone would be a good fit for your location.


Note: Some of our products are only available seasonally.

Product Price Volume  
Chicken Bone Broth $11 500ml Frozen  
Chicken Bone Broth $50 5x 500ml Frozen  
Garlic Scape Pesto $7.50 125ml Frozen  
Garlic Scape Aioli $7.50 125ml Frozen  
Juniper Pickled Garlic $7.50 125ml   
Spicy Pickled Garlic $7.50 125ml   
Roasted Hot Sauce $9.50 125ml  
Sugar Rush Peach Hot Sauce $9.50 125ml  
Perfectly Pear’d Hot Sauce $9.50 125ml  

Buckwild Sweet and Sour Hot Sauce

$9.50 125ml  
Garlic Powder Jar $9 90g   
Garlic Powder refill bag $8 90g   
Black Garlic Powder $9 20g   
Garlic Flavoured Chili Flakes $8 35g  
Heritage Chili Flakes $8 30g  
Smoky Maple Rub $8 50g   
Italian Seasoning $8 50g   
Bruschetta Mix $8 50g   
Garlic Scape Salt Jar $8 50g   
Garlic Scape Salt Refill bag $7 50g   
Garlic Scape Relish $7.5 250ml   
Garlic Scape Relish $10 500ml   
Garlic Scape Pickles $7.5 250ml   
Garlic Scape Pickles $10 500ml   
Autumn Spice Chutney $7.5 125ml   
Blooming Pear Jam $7.5 125ml   
Poultry Seasoning $8 30g jar   
Lavender Calendula Sugar $7 70g jar   
Popcorn Seasoning Salt $8 40g jar   
Basil Blend Salt $8 35g jar   
Za’atar $8 35g jar   
Sumac Salt $8 35g jar