Virtual Farmers Market

Farmers markets allow us to go to one location to pick up produce from multiple farms.  It’s the local equivalent of a grocery store, convenient, and wonderful for connecting with the people who grow your food.  You can expect to find a full array of seasonal fruits and vegetables, meats, honey, eggs, crafts, homemade preserves and baking.  The same is true here, except you don’t have to get up early Saturday morning to find it.

farmers-market-local-produce-520D & H Newman specializes in Local Meats.  Our goal is to see local people eating better and to support a strong, responsible agricultural community. We farm a little ourselves and work in other areas of local food.  Life is busy, but we are always happy to talk food.   If you have a question you would like answered, or are looking to source something locally and can’t find it, please visit our contact us, we would love to help!

The virtual world could never replace those wonderful face to face moments on at the farmers market, but it is a good compliment to them.  There are advantages for you and the producer.  Part of our job at D&H Newman is to develop strong relationships with our farmers.  I come from a agricultural background and have a post secondary education in science.  With these it is second nature for me to be passionate about understanding production methods and how to price the value of these products.  I can help you understand exactly what you are putting on your plate, because I know the farmers and the products.  It is a great advantage for our farmers to be able to concentrate on farming and let us concentrate on education and great customer service.

Our local meat page allows you to learn more about our producers.  Learn about the day in the life of a farmer and what growing methods they practice.  Prices and information on ordering can also be found here.  Our goal is to help you enjoy these wonderful products as conveniently as possible and bulk pricing makes eating healthy, cost effective.

Follow us during the growing season to learn more about local CSA’s, farmers markets and road side stands.  Learn how to enjoy all the fruits and vegetables produced right here in Bruce County.

Our blog is a way to learn how small changes in the way you look at food can lead to a healthier diet, lifestyle, create a stronger local economy, support positive environmental changes and animal welfare.

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