Lemoncroft Beef

Please Note: We have had to make some temporary adjustments to our business model.  Currently our Lemoncroft beef is available directly from Lemoncroft farm.  Feel free to contact us, we are happy to connect you.

hand feeding the cattleThose of you who had some of the steaks during our spring sale are familiar with the high quality beef that comes from this farm.  Lemoncroft farm is a prime example of the small family farm that has resisted the economic pressure to expand.  Maintaining a smaller scale has allowed the farm to remain almost self sufficient.  With the exception of a few supplements, all the feed for the cattle are produced on the farm with very few inputs.  When he is not ‘out standing in his own field,’ Randy can be found in neighbouring fields doing custom work.  This farm has been an important part of the community for generations.  This high quality local meat can be found on the menu at the Bruce Steakhouse in Kincardine.

lemoncroft farms

Lemoncroft Farms

Bulk Prices

Lemoncroft beef is the most affordable local beef that I have found yet.  Purchasing meat in bulk is the most economical way to eat high quality food.  All prices are based on the dress weight of the animal and include custom cutting and wrapping costs.

Ribeye SteaksSplit Quarter = $4.25/lb    (weights range from 175lbs to 225lbs.)

Half = $4/lb   (weights range from 350lbs to 450lbs)

*Eighth =  $4.50/lb  *Cut choices are limited*  (90lbs to 110lbs)

All our meat is prepared just for you, so we require a deposit at the time of ordering. This will be deducted from your final bill. You can arrange to pick up your beef or we can deliver right to your door for $20.

Contact Us to place your order.