Lotton Lamb

Lotton Lamb is proudly grown near Ripley Ontario by the Lotton Family.  Jake Lotton is the ringmaster of this part of the farming operation.  At age 17, Jake, supported by his family, balances school, work and his growing flock of Tunis cross sheep.  His journey into shepherding began in grade 7 when he was offered some sheep in barter for a load of hay and the rest is history.  I have been honoured to watch Jake grow his knowledge and his flock since that time.

The flock at Farlot Farm are an Ile de France, Tunis cross.  These breeds combine to produce a well rounded animal that is an excellent grazer.  Jake is aiming for a year round lambing program to better supply the local market.

Thanks to the supportive local restaurants you can try a sample of Lotton Lamb at Fig Studio Restaurant in Ripley Ontario and occasionally at The Tartan Tusk in Kincardine Ontario. We will also have half and whole lambs available for pre-order through out the year.

I am excited to be working with this hard working family and the next generation of farmers.


Whole lamb- $8.5/lb dressed weight (whole lamb averages 50lb dressed.)
Half lamb- $8.75/lb dressed weight (half lamb averages 25lbs dressed.)

Taster Box- $95, includes Leg roast or leg steaks, deboned shoulder roast, loin chops, rib chops, ground or stew.

Lamb Sausage- $12 for 1lb pkg

Lamb Kabob meat- $10.5 for 1lb pkg

Lamb Chops- $10.25/pkg, 2-3 chops/pkg

**Custom cutting, wrapping and all processing charges included in the price.  Deposit required at the time of ordering. Half and whole lamb are custom ordered and can include chops, roasts, ground or stew depending on your preferences.